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Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone script is ready to market cryptocurrency exchange script with 100% source code to launch an exchange like Remitano. Our Remitano clone has inbuilt features and functionalities like the Remitano exchange. It helps the entrepreneurs to launch their cryptocurrency exchange

Security Features of Our Remitano Clone script

1.Two-factor authentication
2.Escrow security
3.Email verification during the login of the account.
4.Data encryption
5.HTTP authentication
6.Biometric authentication
7. End-to-end encrypted transactions.
8.DDoS migration
9.Browser detection security

How Remitano Clone Script Works?

In our Remitano clone scripts works like given below steps

Step1: Users has to register with details

Step2: Registered users are verified and validated with KYC details provided

Step3: After the Validation, users can log in and start trading.

Step4: Buyer and sellers can create ad containing the requirements

Step5: Once the Buyers and seller ads exactly matched then the trading process is initiated

Step6: When sellers and buyers initiate the trading escrow service is enabled.

Step7: Once the trade initiated the seller cryptos are held on an escrow wallet until sellers confirm the payment received

Step8: Once escrow gets the payment confirmation from the seller the cryptos are transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Benefits of Using Remitano Clone Script

  • User friendly for beginners to expert level.
  • P2P trading
  • Encrypted Chatbot.
  • Escrow Wallet.
  • CMS Security.
  • Proximity match
  • And more

Remitano Clone Software

Remitano Clone Software is a 100% customizable, multi-tested, source code to launch cryptocurrency exchanges like Remitano. Remitano clone Software is a cryptocurrency exchange clone that works completely like the famous cryptocurrency exchange, Remitano. One can start a Remitano Clone exchange with the help of Remitano Clone Software that inherits all the trading features and functionalities such as ad-based trading, P2P trading, proximity match, multilingual features, and more.

Eminent Features of Our White label Remitano Clone Software

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

We provide cryptocurrency wallet integration for easy, safe, and secure tradings for users with 100+ cryptocurrencies.

Proximity Match

Our Clone has the fastest and robust trade engine to provide efficient proximity match to offer an exclusive trading experience to the users.

P2P Trading

Our remitano clone supports the P2P trading among the buyers and sellers without third-party involvement based on the described parameters and requirements from buyers and sellers.

Trading Bot

The automated trading bot is integrated with our remitano clone script to enhance the transaction efficiently with the live statistics of the cryptocurrency prices and set price matches.

Multiple language support

Our Remitano clone offers multi-lingual support that helps users from various countries to perform trading conveniently by using their native language.


The escrow helps to execute the tradings without any dispute among the traders by enabling escrow service. Escrow services where the seller’s crypto is held on escrow wallet after the completion of payments from buyers escrow releases the cryptos to the buyer wallet.

Remitano Clone App Development

We provide Remitano Clone App with our Remitano clone script, Our remitano clone app is designed and developed to work efficiently both on Android and iOS platforms.

Outstanding features of Remitano Clone App

1.Pop up messages
2.Multi-signature wallet
3.Two-factor authentication
4.Encrypted private key
5.Trading Bot
6.In-App messaging
7.Location tracking

Exclusive Benefits of Our Remitano Clone


The administrator can obstruct the brokers who make fraudulent, spam exercises, can see different merchants’ profile subtleties, transaction history.

The administrator can naturally favor the clients KYC confirmation reports through programming to produce benefits through certain charges like exchanging expenses, posting expenses, commission charges.

The administrator can permit the purchasers and merchants who will list their tokens on the site.

The administrator can show the different sorts of exchanging like edge(margin) exchanging, twofold(binary) exchanging.

User side

  • Both buyers and sellers can easily trade their cryptocurrencies in fast and securely. Numerous installment alternatives
  • You can exchange all digital currencies
  • You can use additional profit by using the affiliate process.
  • you will get an initial exchange offer when you are an investor.

Why Start a Crypto Exchange Like Remitano?

  • Remitano is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that is a reliable and user-friendly trading site.
  • Remitano helps traders to trade independently without depending upon a third party.
  • Remitano provides efficient trading with the help of Escrow service, Escrow helps in executing the trading between the buyer and seller.
  • Remitano supports a strong dispute management system to give safe and secure tradings for the users on their platform.

Remitano Clone Script Development Process

Research & Analysis

The initial step of project development is research and analyzing the business scope


The next phase is planning and allocating the resource for the development


The design is an important part as it is very effective in engaging and pleasing the users on your exchange website.


The integrating the API, wallet, backend, frontend, and other elements

The testing is an integral part of the development and it helps to identify and proper execution of each module in the development process.


Launching the remitano clone on the Host-server for the successful launch of the cryptocurrency exchange like remitano.

Why Choose Osiz for Remitano Clone Development?

Osiz technologies is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company, having more than 10+ years of expertise in Cryptocurrency exchange development services. We have a pool of highly skilled developers having in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency exchange development. Our developers follow agile methodology to develop the cryptocurrency exchange development process. Launch your cryptocurrency exchange like remitano with our white label Remitano clone script.

Valid Reasons for choosing our Remitano Clone Script

1.Deployed 100+ Cryptocurrency Exchanges
2.On-time Delivery
3.Highly Skilled Developers
4.Agile Methodology
5.10+ Years of Expertise in the Cryptocurrency Industry.

If you are in an idea of starting a cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano, then feel free to get an expert’s advice, contact us

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